Madison Lake Fire Department during Fire Prevention Week
Madison Lake after the devastating Main Street Fire in 1910

Fire Chief

Matt Lee
PO Box 295

Madison Lake, MN 56063-0295
P: 507.243.3011
F: 507.243.4330

The fire service in the United States has a rich tradition of volunteer fire departments (or companies) dating back to the days of Benjamin Franklin. These volunteer fire companies provided fire suppression services through the time and talent of the members of the community. As time progressed and some areas grew, the need for full-time (or career) firefighters developed. This occurred mainly in medium to large cities where the industry and tax base both required and could pay for a full-time staff. In other areas, volunteer departments continued to provide quality cost effective services to their community. The Madison Lake Fire and Rescue Department continues the rich tradition of volunteerism through extensive involvement in the community assisting and supporting a wide variety of organizations and events. 

The Madison Lake Fire and Rescue Department provides contract public safety services to the townships of Washington, Jamestown, LeRay, and Lime. Its mission is the protection and preservation of life and property for the people it serves. It is committed to doing so through the provision of quality cost effective services in the areas of fire suppression, emergency medicine, hazardous materials mitigation and other natural disasters. 


Chief: Matt Lee